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Doppler 10 Futurecasters

Meteorologists in the making

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Whether you are simply interested in learning more about the weather or aspire to become a Meteorologist one day, this is the place for you!

Your Doppler 10 Weather Team will post new weather lessons each week. Make sure to check back for more.

👩‍🏫 This week's lesson:

Dopper 10 meteorologist Mackenzie Bart explains how snow total predictions are made.

📺 Get your Futurecaster on featured on 10TV:

Upload a video of your kid doing a forecast for our Doppler 10 weather team to feature on 10TV! Please make the video 30 seconds or less and record it holding the phone horizontally. You can upload the video on the Near Me tab of the 10TV app. Please include your child’s name, age and the city you live in.

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