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3 new public arts unveiled during Columbus Arts Festival

An additional art piece, "Gather and Flow" by Studio KCA, will be installed in the coming months.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther and other city leaders on Friday unveiled three new pieces of public art that now decorate the Starling Garage on the Scioto Peninsula.

The Columbus Art Commission selected three artists - out of the more than 80 applicants - who were tasked with creating public art. The goal of the artwork was to visually portray an interpretation of the city while also promoting inclusion, optimism and diversity.

The art pieces were commissioned by the city for $250,000 and the Columbus Art Commission approved the artworks in February.

  • “Vejigante Godmask” by Adam Hernandez – A celebration of Columbus’ culture and diversity and the artist’s own Puerto Rican heritage, the mural depicts a Godmask inspired by the indigenous meanings of the words Scioto (Wyandot for “deer”) and Olentangy (Delaware for “river of the red face paint”)
  • “Creative Consciousness” by Nick Stull – Depicting elements from both nature and science, the mural celebrates the relationship between Columbus’ naturalistic history and technological advances aimed at preserving the environment.
  • “Scioto Magic” by Lucie Shearer – A surrealist depiction of a woman holding a river symbolizing time, the mural conveys the fluidity of the past, present and future, and captures a river’s role as a source of life.
Credit: WBNS-10TV
Credit: WBNS-10TV

The unveiling took place on the first day of the 60th annual Columbus Arts Festival, an event that features more than 200 visual artists, performances and dozens of food vendors.

“Simply put, public art humanizes our city and the environment it’s placed in. This, in turn, helps to energize and invigorate public spaces. These murals serve as fascinating intersections between Columbus’ past, present and future,” said City Council President Hardin. “As for the Arts Festival, we’re so excited to finally have it back as we emerge from the pandemic. This will be a year unlike any other.”

An additional art piece, "Gather and Flow" by Studio KCA, will be installed in the coming months.

Credit: WBNS-10TV

The artwork will portray a flock of starlings taking flight, dimensionally flying from one garage tower to the other. Each starling will be adorned with an LED light to take on the appearance of a constellation at night.  

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