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Social media trend helping people take steps toward better health | #HotGirlWalk

The "Hot Girl Walk" trend is spreading through social media and making a simple form of exercise very popular.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Since the start of the pandemic, there have been many changing trends. The "Hot Girl Walk" is one trend spreading through social media that is making a simple form of exercise very popular. It's a walk outside that anyone can do, but with a purpose.

The Hot Girl Walk trend is a way to help people focus on empowerment and fitness. 

Her Campus, an online magazine at Ohio State University, targets female college student issues.

Her Campus Correspondent Olivia Cohen said, “I think Hot Girl Walks have given women the confidence to claim back this exercise space."

So how do you join the trend and go on your own #HotGirlWalk? There are three simple guidelines to get started:

  1. It's recommended a hot girl's walk be about four miles long, although any distance counts. Four miles gives you a healthy workout and enough time to decompress. 
  2. Next, you can listen to a motivational playlist or a podcast that helps you be mindful and feel powerful.
  3.  Another key to the walk is feeling good inside and out. Make sure to put on an outfit that makes you feel powerful.
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The third step might be more important than you think, according to James Gullate, a local personal trainer and co-owner of B.O.S.S. fitness.

“We're talking about the better you dress and the better you present yourself. It actually gives you better energy and more confidence within yourself,” Gullate said.

The most important part of the Hot Girl Walk is to leave all your stresses behind and take this time for yourself.

Dr. Ben Bring, a sports physician from OhioHealth, said this trend can also help your physical well-being.

“There are tons of studies out there that show the cardiovascular benefits of walking,” Bring said. “Even if you just go for a 30-minute walk, it can be equivalent to a longer run.”

Bring said walking is also great for your heart, lungs and leg muscles.

“Sometimes, in fitness, people look for a look instead of a feeling, and feeling good because fitness really starts inside and then works itself out. But so does confidence. It starts inside and then works its way out,” Gullate said.

Gullate said trends like the Hot Girl Walk can go deeper than physical benefits.

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