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Police: Person bitten by coyote outside south Columbus apartments

Multiple callers told dispatchers that several coyotes were chasing people in the area.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — One person was injured after they were reportedly bitten by a coyote in south Columbus on Wednesday.

Officers with the Columbus Division of Police were dispatched to Southpoint Village Apartments in the 3900 block of Southpoint Boulevard near Obetz after receiving a report about someone being bitten by a coyote. Multiple callers told dispatchers that several coyotes were chasing people in the area.

The person was transported to the hospital for treatment before police arrived.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources was advised about the incident and responded to the scene as well.

Additional details surrounding the incident were not provided.

10TV spoke with residents who live in the area who are now concerned for their safety.

“Everybody is watching their back. Even the grown people because we are worried they are going to attack anyone at any point,” said Kathleen Martinez, a nearby resident.

Martinez said she is especially concerned for the children living in the complex.

“I’m just really worried that somebody's child is going to get hurt. Even my daughter, she is 7, but I won’t let her out here alone now not for one second,” said Martinez.

Franklin County State Wildlife Officer Brad Kiger said he has only heard of two coyote attacks in the last 23 years. He advises anyone who sees a coyote that may seem threatening to take evasive action.

“Throw something at it, make yourself look large and be more aggressive," he said.

Coyotes in Ohio

Coyotes are normally associated with the open, deserted lands of the west, according to ODNR. They’re also known to make the best of a bad situation to survive or even prosper.

While coyotes are not native to Ohio, their versatility allows them to make a home almost anywhere.

The animals are most active at dawn and dusk, but may be seen frequently throughout the day.

What should you do if a coyote is in your backyard?

Coyotes are curious creatures and are attracted to small mammals and items meant for pets and humans.

ODNR suggests removing all “attractants” from your property before it gets dark to help prevent them from returning. It is also recommended to keep small dogs and cats inside or stay with them at night when coyotes are most active.

Coyotes are generally fearful of humans. If they are in your yard, ODNR recommends clapping your hands and shouting to scare them off.

If the coyotes seem to not fear humans or is presenting a conflict even after taking the precautionary measures, contact a nuisance trapper. You can locate a trapper near you by calling the Division of Wildlife at 1-800-WILDLIFE (945-3543).

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