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What students can do to prepare for high school

The first year of high school can be scary for new students. Wake Up CBUS spoke with counselors and current high schoolers on what freshman can do to succeed.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — High school marks the end of schooling for some or a launching pad for what’s next for others.

No matter which step, the first year provides the grand entrance.

Expectations are higher for everyone. Educators point out that the difference can be daunting for middle school students. 

“They come into high school not knowing how to study-- they were fine in middle school but high school's a different beast,” said Jathiya Abdullah-Simmons, a student counselor at Columbus International High School

Her advice is for students and their parents to ask lots of questions. 

“Do not be embarrassed, do not be afraid,” she said. “Even if you're afraid ask it anyway because the kiddo next to you has the exact same question.”

Franklin Heights High School senior Kentre Robinson said his best advice is for ninth-grade students to do their work because as the year progresses, it gets harder. 

“Keep calm, work hard and stay out of bad groups,”  Robinson said. “They will slow you down.”   

The senior football player will be a Link Leader at Franklin Heights, which means he will help ninth-grade students navigate through high school.

The 17-year-old student-athlete has a proven track record on the field and in the classroom with a 3.8 grade-point average. 

Robinson said he also plans to tell first-year students to ask questions of teachers and their counselors, to take advantage of resources and opportunities and to choose their friends wisely. 

“Find the kids who don’t do crazy things don't do the work because they're gonna put you on a bad path to life,” he said.

Robinson’s own path is filled with promise. He's earned all kinds of awards and recognition including the National Honor Society. His dream is to play football in the NFL, but he has a plan B of majoring in psychology.

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