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"We are at a critical time in Ohio. We need to get this right": DeWine outlines coronavirus precautions

Tuesday’s update came one day after officials announced three cases of the coronavirus in the state.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Gov. Mike DeWine announced some recommendations to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus including no spectators at indoor sporting events.

Gov. DeWine held an update on the state's response to the virus Tuesday afternoon along with state health officials.

“We are now at a critical time here in Ohio in regard to the coronavirus. The decisions we make as individuals in the next days and weeks will really determine how many lives are going to be lost in Ohio. It will also determine how long this is going to last.” DeWine said.

Tuesday’s update came one day after officials announced three cases of the coronavirus in the state.

The Ohio Department of Health updated its numbers to say 15 people are being tested for exposure to the virus. To date, the Ohio Department of Health has tested 14 other people and the results came back negative.

"The grave concern is indoor events where there are spectators. The recommendation is that for indoor events where there are spectators, that there be no spectators,” he said.” The event can continue on with the athletes and the people essential for that competition."

DeWine said high school sporting events are the same as the Arnold Sports Festival and only parents should be present.

He added that outdoor sports events can continue as planned but this could change in the future.

"As someone who loves sports and as someone who has had not only children but grandchildren in high school and college sports, I understand how difficult this is. it's not something that anyone enjoys talking about, and I certainly don't enjoy saying it, nor envisioning sports without spectators.”

Additionally, DeWine recommended that colleges and universities move classes to remote or online with no in-person lectures.

Recommendations from the governor's office:

Colleges and universities

  • Screen students returning from international travel or cruise ships
  • Eliminate international travel
  • Cancel/postpone university-sponsored travel and large meetings
  • Move toward online/remote learning

Sporting events

  • For indoor events, asking for no events with spectators other than the athletes, parents, and others essential to the game
  • Outdoor events can continue

Religious institutions

  • Consider limiting practices that could cause spread of germs

Nursing homes

  • Screen visitors, vendors, etc. for illness in an effort to protect the at-risk populations residing there


  • Ended prison visitation for the time being
  • Entrance to Ohio prisons will be restricted

K-12 schools

  • The recommendation today is not to close K-12 schools
  • Schools should be prepared in case they do close in the future, and parents should also be prepared for the possibility of needing to stay home with their kids