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Experts urge against pesticide use after storms in effort to protect waterways

Franklin Soil and Water District warn that pesticides could cause harm to our waterways during our summer storms.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Heavy rain after a dry stretch of weather can sometimes lead to localized flooding or puddles that form on hard soil. 

What's in those puddles could be harmful to fish, insects and other animals. 

Pesticides that we may be using on our crops, gardens and lawns often can get washed away with summer storms. These chemicals then can get washed down the storm drains where they can directly impact rivers, streams, and other waterways. 

That said, the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District says it’s always best to wait until after the rain to apply any product.

If you do want to put down some product, Franklin SWCD suggests checking your labels for products that are more environmentally friendly and can be diluted with water.   

Experts also recommend using rain barrels, installing rain gardens or even adding compost soil to help keep the storm water from rushing away. You can find more information on the safest products and ways to prevent that runoff here

Credit: Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District

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