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Autopsies Performed On Four People Murdered In Northeast Columbus Home

Autopsies were performed Sunday on four people found shot to death in a Northeast Columbus neighborhood. Get the story.

Autopsies were performed Sunday on four people found shot to death in a Northeast Columbus neighborhood.

Two men and two women were discovered inside a home in the North Linden area early Saturday.

A police cruiser sat parked outside the crime scene Sunday morning while investigators continued to hunt for a killer. 

These murders have left the North Linden community on edge and residents say they want the violence to end. 

“I’m shocked, horrified,” said North Linden Commissioner John Lathram.

Lathram lives a few blocks away from where the shootings occurred and said residents have been reaching out to him all day looking for answers.

"I heard about it on Facebook unfortunately and yes, I've been bombarded all day with messages wanting to know what happen,  and do I know any more about it,” said Lathram.

North Linden Commissioner Chairperson Jennifer Adair said the murders were a tragedy for the entire community. 

She believes the killings may be a catalyst for encouraging more people to mobilize to stop the violence.

"Coming together and being neighborhood strong, that's what's going to change communities, and change neighborhoods here in North Linden,” said Adair.  "It is simply keeping your eyes open, looking out your windows, knowing who your neighbors are and reporting something suspicious."

Adair hopes neighbors will get involved and start more block watch groups. 

She believes it will take a collective effort to end tragedies like the one that happened on Hudson Street. 

Despite this mass murder, Adair said North Linden is still a good place to live.

"We have lots of committed neighbors, and lots of committed neighborhoods, and we won't let one incident change that and change the image that we're trying to portray in our neighborhood,” said Adair.

"And I don't see any reason why we can't take this area, a major area in Columbus, and make it a much better community to want to live and work in,” said Latham.

Police didn’t released any new information on the investigation Sunday or the names of the shooting victims.