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BBB provides tips on avoiding ticket scams during football season

Amid the enthusiasm for college football, the risk of becoming a ticket scam victim looms each season.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Enthusiasm is building at Ohio Stadium as fans await the start of Ohio State's football season.

"We're always excited for football season. Yeah, every year it's like you're just trying to get through summer to get there," said Jeff and Mandi Snyder, who are Ohio State football fans.

Amid this enthusiasm, the risk of becoming a ticket scam victim looms each season.

To avoid potential ticket scams, the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio suggests these tips:

Don’t fall prey to a false sense of urgency. People often think they are the first to see a deal and act rashly, trying to secure it.

Don’t purchase tickets if they don’t include the block, row and seat details. Missing information could indicate the tickets aren't in the seller's possession or don't exist. Before you buy, ensure the seats exist in that particular venue.

Avoid person-to-person payment methods like Venmo, Cashapp and Zelle, unless you're personally acquainted with the seller. Credit cards offer more recourse compared to debit cards, wire transfers, or cash transactions.

Don’t communicate outside of platforms such as eBay, especially at the request of the'seller.' There will be no recourse or protection that would have been provided by the legitimate site. Scammers will demand quick payment with person-to-person apps but never provide the purchased items or send fraudulent items.

Don’t buy tickets from unauthorized sources. Do buy from a business that has some sort of guarantee, and pay with a credit card.

Be wary of advertisements. When you search the web for online tickets, avoid clicking through online ads or emails. A common scam trick is to mimic a web address similar to a well-known company.

"We always go like Ticketmaster. We always stay with the places that you know are secure," said Mandi.

Jessica Hamlin, a spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio, highlighted the need for vigilance. 

"Whenever you're purchasing tickets, or anything online for that matter, you really want to be keeping it on the same platform that the purchase was initiated," Hamlin said. "The second they ask to take it off into another area is the second a red flag should go up."

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