Study claims granting wishes helps kids fighting illnesses


A central Ohio doctor is studying the effect of "wishes" on patients. These are the wishes granted through groups like the Make A Wish Foundation.

Dr. Anup Patel, Neurology section chief at Nationwide Children’s Hospital said his findings confirmed what he witnessed since joining the hospital seven years ago.

“The kids in the wish group were twice as likely to have decreased hospitalizations, emergency room visits and hospital charges,” Patel said.

For the Bartos family, the wish granted to son Sinjin brought fun and excitement. The trip to Orlando was made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Five-year-old Sinjin is battling a chronic heart condition.

“Every picture in our photo album he has the biggest smile.” said mom Vanessa Bartos.

Bartos explains her son’s health condition often prevents the family from taking outings and vacations and the “wish” trip offered a renewed sense of hope.

“For him it is something I know he will carry with him" she said.

Dr. Patel said the study could open doors to new types of treatment.

"Treatment is now considered to be very multifactorial and there are lots of things that make a child better and we're really just scratching the surface at that.”