Police say thieves want to know: "What's in your gym bag?"


Columbus police say as people commit to those New Year's resolutions to lose weight, more gym bags are disappearing from vehicles.

CrimeTracker 10 maps reveal in the past month, police have investigated thefts from cars outside Life Time Fitness in Dublin, LA Fitness on Graceland Boulevard, and Planet Fitness on Soldano Boulevard in west Columbus.

Police say the crimes of opportunity aren't limited to gym parking lots. CrimeTracker 10 obtained Westerville police reports that reveal five thefts from lockers and the gym at the Westerville Community Recreation Center.

Thomas Martin said he was working out at the Lifetime Fitness in Dublin when a thief punched his lock and stole his wallet from the center console of his truck.

By the time he discovered the missing wallet, Martin said thieves had racked up more than $4,000 of charges on his stolen credit cards.

"They sit in the parking lot. They watch you when you get there. They know you're going to be in the gym for an hour...hour and a half," said Martin.

Police say thieves assume there's more concealed in that gym bag than a change of clothes.

If you plan on running errands after you leave the gym, don't wait until you reach your destination to conceal your gym bag, or any other valuables, in the trunk.

That's just a key sign for somebody who's watching that, hey, let's go break into that car, and it only takes them a second," cautioned Columbus police officer Scott Clinger.

Officer Clinger said it only takes a thief seconds to smash the window to your vehicle and pop your trunk.

"Cars nowadays have a lever to open the trunk from inside the vehicle. It doesn't have to be on. So keep that in mind, you're giving access to your trunk."