Lancaster students use snowy Saturday to pay it forward


While many people might see a snowy Saturday as an opportunity to relax, one central Ohio high school used the day to lend a hand to neighbors instead.

Parts of central Ohio saw more snow this weekend than some say they’ve seen in years.

People in Fairfield County told 10TV they got up to 6 inches of powder on the ground and nearly 8 inches where the snow drifted.

School leaders behind the Lancaster High School Twitter account, @lancastergales, challenged students to make the most of the snowy Saturday by paying it forward.

The tweet read:

“Hey all of you Golden Gales whose contests have been cancelled for today. I have a new selfie challenge for you. Instead of selfies at contests, how about today you go out and help a neighbor shovel and tag @lancastergales #PayItForward.”

10TV talked with several students who took the challenge upon themselves.

“I have this one neighbor that doesn’t walk too well, so I cleared off her driveway so that if she has to go somewhere, it’s clear and safe,” said Thomas Anders, a senior at Lancaster High. “It’s not too hard and it’s a nice thing to do to help neighbors out.”

Drew Berstler told 10TV he was already out shoveling driveways to make some extra change when the challenge was announced.

“Me and my friends normally go together every year every single time we get a little bit of snow to see how many [driveways] we can get,” Berstler said.

Berstler and his friends spent around eight hours shoveling snow Saturday, clearing a total of 12 driveways, he said.

“Usually when something like this happens, a lot of people come together and try to help each other out,” said Orion Thress, who also shoveled the snow.

Parents told 10TV that they are thankful for the initiative.

“There’s 1,800 kids here at Lancaster High School and each and every one of them are just amazing,” said Amy Anders, a Lancaster High parent. “To have a group come out and challenge each other and say, 'Hey we can do more than you,' or 'We can do more than that.' I mean, it brings it on. For them to step up and take the challenge, that was awesome.”

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