Chance for more snow this weekend


UPDATE: Winter system expected to bring sleet, ice and heavy snow this weekend

By now you've likely heard that we have the chance for another round of snow in central Ohio later this week. The big question is how much?

Here's the problem: It's tough to answer that question accurately this far out ahead of this, or any weather event.

Right now, the system that's forecast to be responsible for the next round of snow is still about two thousand miles away in the Pacific Northwest. The computer forecast model above has Central Ohio pretty close to the "bullseye" of the heaviest snow. This would be a worst-case scenario, which let's face it, rarely ever happens.

Another computer forecast model brings the heaviest snow into Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan.

This wouldn't be the worst case scenario but it also hints at what could be the heaviest snowfall we've had in a few years.

And yet another forecast model brings the heaviest snow into Northern Indiana, Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan while leaving us with accumulating snow but less than what we had with our last big snowfall at the end of last year.

Notice how I haven't thrown any numbers out into this forecast. There's a reason for that: there's still too much uncertainty in the track of the eventual storm system - one that still has a few days to get its act together and move across the United States.

Right now, the forecast track varies by hundreds of miles which makes forecasting this far in advance tough. Especially when you take into account the fact that 50 miles in either direction of the actual track of any winter storm can be the difference between an inch of rain and the biggest snow event of the season in any given year.

Here's the bottom line: we have a weather system that will be moving in later this week. It's expected to start with rain on Friday and turn over to a rain/snow mix with the possibility of some brief freezing rain before turning over to all snow sometime Friday night into Saturday.

Snow will then likely taper off later Saturday morning or into the early afternoon. Accumulating snow looks to be a definite possibility but it's still too early to say exactly how much but start thinking about having a "plan b" if you have things to do early on Saturday.

You may not need to exercise said plan but it's always good to have that on the back burner if necessary.

And keep in mind this forecast WILL change in the coming days. We'll get more data on the system, there won't be as many variable for which we have to account and we'll have a better idea of how the overall pattern is trending. All of this will make the forecast more accurate as we get closer to the event.

Keep checking back with 10TV for the latest on-air and online because we'll keep you informed with the latest on the ever-changing beast that's known as Central Ohio weather.

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