Neighbors: No history of trouble at home where husband allegedly shot wife to death

Sean Newman

A Groveport man is held on $1.5 million dollars bond, charged in the murder of his wife. He told family members her killing was an accident.

Columbus Police were still guarding the scene on Yukon Avenue Tuesday night, nearly 48 hours after they were first called there.

Tuesday morning Sean Newman appeared in court, as an employee read the complaint against him: "A female called police and said that her son, identified as Sean Newman, called her and said that he was playing with a gun inside his residence...and he accidentally shot his wife, identified as Ashley Newman."

10TV listened to the 911 calls and found that it was Newman's father who contacted authorities.

Police say after shooting his wife in the head, Newman left their home and called a family member saying he wanted to kill himself.

Thirty minutes after police found Ashley Newman in her bed, sheriff's deputies found her husband on 270 near Alum Creek. They say he had intentionally crashed in a suicide attempt.

Newman has no criminal record, and neighbors say they aren't aware of any prior problems at their home.

"Quiet, loving. I've never seen the man do anything, or say anything, I've never heard any loud voices. I've never heard him yell at either wife or child. It's just- it's beyond me," said Dale Robinson.

He calls the Newmans neighbors and friends. The only possibility that makes sense to him- is that this shooting was an accident. Columbus Police will only say the investigation is ongoing.

"I'm extremely sad," Robinson said. "I'm extremely sad across the board. Those were, to the best of my knowledge, very nice people."

The families of Sean and Ashley Newman declined to comment.