Columbus man vanishes while on vacation in Germany


A Northwest Ohio family says their son went on a hiking vacation in Southern Germany but never returned as planned.

Now they are asking for anyone's help for clues as to what may have happened.

Twenty-four-year-old Stephen Berichon landed in Munich on December 9 and checked into a hotel in the town of Fussen on December 11.

"So far nobody has seen or heard him since the 11th no cell phone signal, no bank records, no credit card use it's still a complete mystery," says Uncle Michael Berichon of Powell.

He says his nephew had a good job, a loving family and there would no reason for him to disappear.

The family says they know Stephen landed in Munich then traveled south to a town called Fussen. He told the owner of the hotel that he was going to hike 70 miles to the nearest town in the Hopfen area. That was on the 16th. He was supposed to go Grainau then on to Mittenwald before heading back to Munich. That is about 300 miles --- the distance from Columbus to Chicago.

"All we know the direction he said he was going because nobody has seen him everything is conjecture everything is a possibility," says his uncle.

Stephen Berichon is from the Findlay area. His family says they've reached out to the German Consolute for help in finding their son.