Teen dies after playing Russian roulette, police say


Police in a Portland suburb said a teen boy died from a gunshot wound that investigators believe may have been the result of playing a game of Russian roulette, CBS affiliate KOIN reports. The teen has not yet been publicly identified.

Sherwood Police Captain Ty Hanlon says the boy died early Monday morning at a mobile home in Sherwood. The teen was dead by the time emergency responders arrived.

Witness interviews led police to confirm the boy died while playing Russian roulette by himself, KOIN reports.

"It appears that he brought a handgun with him and from witnesses' account that he was playing a game known as Russian roulette," Hanlon told KOIN. "We believe that he showed up and initiated this all on his own."

Emergency officials told KOIN that police were initially dispatched on reports of a suicide with a weapon, and as officers were responding, they began getting additional reports of 911 callers attributing the shooting to Russian roulette.

Hanlon said at a press briefing there was at least one "click" of the gun's chamber before the teen shot himself. The gun was not fully loaded and it's not known where the gun came from or how it came into the teen's possession.