Granville man plans Browns 0-16 parade


Granville resident and Cleveland Browns fan Chris Mcneil has seen it all.

"I have lived through the ups and the downs," McNeil said.

He plans to turn the latest down, an 0-16 season, into a message to the front office. He paid $25 to get the permit. And now?

"We're going to have a parade on Saturday," McNeil said.

At noon Saturday, outside First Energy Stadium, Browns fans will march around the stadium one time.

It may look more creative than some of the Browns' plays this year.

"Creative ideas for a float, what walkers would be holding. Everything from the 28 starting quarterbacks we've had since 1999, having headstones and people carrying those," McNeil said.

He even has a title sponsor, Excedrin to topped off the gofundme account.

"You have the Cleveland Browns, who give us headaches every Sunday. And sometimes on Monday if you drink too much," McNeil quipped.

The fans will march to show their passion and support ... sort of.

"We are not celebrating. We want this thing buried. We are starting a new year today and we want to start with a new Browns team," McNeil said.

When asked, Chris said if he could have any quarterback be the Grand Marshal, he said Tim Couch, because he is one of the best QBs of the new era Browns and the other is Johnny Manziel because he would make the whole thing a circus, like the Browns have been.

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