Teen Newark hunters save deer from frozen river

Fischer Nance rescues a deer who was stuck on the ice in Licking County (Alex Lupton/Twitter)

NEWARK -- A trio of Newark teenagers came to the rescue of a deer on a frozen waterway last week.

On their way to go hunting in a field, Alex Lupton, Fischer Nance and Games Claggett looked up to see a young deer struggling to make its way off a frozen riverbed.

But the three refused to take the easy shot. Instead, they went to the deer's rescue.

The video, posted Dec. 28, 2017, on Twitter, shows Nance walk out onto the ice and pick up the deer, walk to the side of the river and set it free.

He said it was all in a day's work for a hunter.

"You could tell it was sitting there for a few hours just because it was sprawled out on the ice. When we walked up to it, it tried to get away because it thought we were predators," Nance said. "But once it got comfortable, we were able to walk up to it.

"As hunters, it's your duty to give back to nature. We were paying it back, that's what we love to do."

Lupton, who recorded the event, echoed the sentiments.

"We all love the outdoors, that’s our passion. We feel like need to give back. A lot of hunters get bad names, and (people say) 'you're Just killing them to kill them.' As a hunter, you are supposed to be ethical and to kill them as painless and quick as possible. If we would have left him there, he could have been suffering for hours," Lupton said.

What started as a day that the hunters were planning on bagging some prey, they became saviors instead.

"We were planning on going down to the field (to go hunting) and we were driving by the river and happened to look over at the same time we all saw the deer," Nance said. "We knew we had to get out and get over there and do something about it."

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