Buckeyes visit patients at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas


Days before the Cotton Bowl, the Ohio State Buckeyes met with patients and their families at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas Wednesday afternoon.

“True heroes are the families and young people who have dealt with some adversity and have learned at a very young age with these families to fight through adversity,” head coach Urban Meyer said. “Understand you’re not alone. We’re all in this together.”

After his speech, coach Meyer presented Ohio State’s honorary game day captain, Payton Downs, with an official, autographed jersey that sported an 82nd Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic patch.

Along with coach Meyer, quarterback J.T. Barrett and defensive lineman Tracy Sprinkle recorded a session in Seacrest Studios that will broadcast throughout the hospital via the Children’s Health Red Balloon Network.

“Don’t limit yourself on the dreams that you want to pursue in life,” said Barrett. “Don’t let anybody say that you can’t do something.”

“Whenever you realize what you want to do, and you really put your mind to it and all of your efforts to it, nobody can stop you,” said Sprinkle.

For patients that weren’t able to attend the ceremony, both players and coach Meyer visited them and their family in their rooms.

“Being back in Texas is absolutely a great thing,” said Barrett. “Being at the children’s hospital is a great way to give back and try to lift their spirits. It’s difficult what they go through, and to give a little laughter and spread a little joy is great.”

All other players spent time with the children at the end of the afternoon participating in activities, getting their faces painted, and signing all of their newly gifted gear. All of the children were given t-shirts, posters, pennants and teddy bears, provided by the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic.