Package theft reports skyrocket in December


NextDoor, a private neighborhood social network, reports from a survey across the country in 2016, 43 percent of neighbors reported having at least one package stolen.

Sixty-one percent of neighbors said they didn't order an item out of fear it would be stolen.

The situation grows more grim during the holiday season.

NextDoor reported between January and October, neighbors shared about 400 package theft related posts.

In November and December, that number spiked to an average of nearly 2,000 posts.

Steven Kenworthy of Columbus said someone stole a $400 electric skateboard that was delivered to his home.

"It's hard to miss a package that's as big as a human," said Kenworthy. "So, I checked the status and is said it had been delivered, so I was bummed out and I knew right away it was probably stolen.

Mail carriers are offering tracking technology that will send alerts to your phone the moment a package is delivered.

If you aren't going to be home, UPS offers a hold for pick up option that allows you to retrieve your package at the nearest UPS store, and an Access Point service which allows you to drop off and pick up packages at grocery stores or businesses near your home that have partnered with UPS.