Attorneys for Brian Golsby ask to delay trial due to Ohio death penalty bill


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The defense attorneys for Brian Golsby are asking a judge to put his trial on hold.

Golsby is charged with the rape, kidnapping, and murder of Ohio State student Reagan Tokes and has pleaded not guilty.

Golsby’s defense team is asking for the trial to be placed on hold because there is a current bill in the Ohio legislature that would abolish the death penalty.

They want the case put on hold until the legislature decides on the bill.

In the motion, the defense attorneys say, "The time and costs of preparing for trial, impaneling a jury, trying the case, and the years of appeals will largely be avoided if the bill passes."

The trial is currently set for February.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien says he will oppose the defense motion to place the trial on hold.

O’Brien sent this response to 10 Investigates:

“Within the court rule we will file a response opposing this motion---there are nine representatives of 99 who put their name on this bill and it has had no hearings. The sponsor has introduced the bill in the past and it has gone nowhere.”

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