Sexual harassment training coming to Ohio Statehouse amidst resignations


State Representative Kyle Koehler says he's laid down the law in his office to protect himself and others from inappropriate behavior at work.

"I have very strict guidelines of doors being open and not traveling in cars together that's something I do," he said

When news broke that Michael Premo, the chief of staff for Senate Democrats, resigned Monday after a staffer complained of his inappropriate conduct, the President of the Ohio Senate made clear this is not the norm.

"I don't think there is any question that inappropriate behavior isn't tolerated in the statehouse," he said.

Last month, Senate President Obhof asked State Representative Cliff Hite of Findlay to resign after allegations surfaced of sexual harassment involving one of his staffers.

Obhof says starting next year, sexual harassment training will be required to work at the Capitol.

"We are intending to do that not just for members but for staff," he said.

State Representative Charleta Tavares called the latest resignation disappointing and is encouraging other women at the statehouse to speak out.

"My charge to those within the general assembly and staff to come forward with inappropriate conduct with anyone," she said.

Representative Tavares says she's not heard of that and is concerned about protecting the victim's identity.

"You have to protect those who have been victimized so they are not re-victimized," she said.

As for Representative Kyle Koheler, he says he's made sure he's taken the proper precautions to protect his reputation.

"When I see good gentleman and good women make these mistakes I think if they can happen to them it can happen to me, therefore, I'm going to do things that I need to do protect myself," he said.