Weatherman's Whimsy: Leaves are peaking, so take a peek


Hopefully you've had a chance to check out some of the amazing color in central Ohio this year. If not, you'd better hurry.

ODNR says many areas of the state are at their peak right now. True, some of the early leaf-droppers are already bare, but other varietals are displaying an amazing array of reds, oranges, yellows and every shade in between.

Still other types of trees are stubbornly holding on to their greens. But it won't last much longer.

And a big rain or strong winds can bring that peak to an abrupt end. What you might not know is that the wonderful color you see now is actually there year round.

During the growing season, the chlorophyll, enhanced by photosynthesis, provides the lush greens of spring and summer.

But with the onset of fall, less sunshine, shorter days and cooler temperatures brings that photosynthesis to an end. And, voila! The lovely, and very individualized colors of fall are miraculously revealed.

Here's the link to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Fall Color Report.

Enjoy. Fall always seems to fly by.