Weatherman's Whimsy: October finally settling into the season


It's rare around here when the weather reacts "normally." But guess what: Our average first freeze in Columbus is October 27 and ours came October 26.

Columbus hit 31 degrees Thursday morning, more than 10 degrees below our average of 42. Many of the surrounding communities dropped well into the 20s.

That will put an end to many sensitive annuals and the tropical plants we put out side every year. Some would probably say, "Hey. It's time already. It's late October, almost Halloween, and I'm tired of watering anyway".

As a result, the National Weather Service has ended its Frost/Freeze program. Since growing season is now in the rearview mirror, there won't be anymore Freeze Warnings or Frost Advisories, as there were this morning.

It's now expected that it's just going to get cold at times. Likewise, most of the state has now suspended their programs. Only extreme eastern Ohio and a few Ohio River counties are still included.

Just for perspective, the average highs and lows have really dropped. As of today, 62 is "normal" with 42 for a morning low.

Interestingly, today's records (just to illustrate the consistency of our weather, were 83 in 1963 and 23 the following year. Just a 60-degree change in back to back years).

As of today, it's over in Blue Areas

The week ahead looks unseasonably cool, with more lows dipping well into the 30s. So even if your plants survived this morning's chill, there are more challenges ahead.

We could always see a warm up again, but I don't see much of one over the next 10 days.

By the way, the last time we dropped below freezing was way back on March 23. Bottom line, I guess the change of seasons is upon us.

I happen to love fall, and it's been my experience that my two favorite seasons, fall and spring, last about 20 minutes apiece, with Winter and Summer dragging on for what seems like about 5 months each.

One big plus in October, in addition to being our driest month of the year, on average, is that we usually get some very nice, sunny days. That will all change as we moved toward the seemingly never-ending grayness of Ohio Winter.

Fortunately, we still (should) have most of two months of autumn left. Some of the trees are at their absolute peak, while others have dropped their leaves and still others are valiantly staying green.

I think it's one of the great seasons here in the Buckeye State. Good football weather and for taking walks. Enjoy, my friends. It all goes by so quickly.