Sunny and stable with another warm-up


If you've been out and about over the past few days it's been hard to miss the bright sunshine and pleasant weather.

This is a pattern that's very common in the fall: mild and comfortable days that make way for clear, crisp nights.

The reason for this is because it's common to have an area of high pressure sitting on top of the region this time of year. High pressure is stable, sinking air.

It brings fair weather along with plenty of sunshine and was the main driver of our last heat wave - the one we had at the beginning of fall.

In the Northern Hemisphere high pressure circulates in a clockwise fashion. When it starts to move into an area the winds will be shifting such that they have a northerly component to them.

After a few days, the winds will then shift such that they have a southerly component to them, this is known as the return flow.

These shifting winds will bring cool weather on the front side of the high and when the return flow kicks in things begin to warm back up in the region.

You may have noticed this pattern in the past. A front will come through and it'll be cooler only to see things warm back up just a few days later. That's exactly what's happening right now.

As our winds move in out of the southeast the high temperatures will be more in line with what we see in summer and not fall.

But later in the week, another front will move in bringing the chance for more rain and knocking down the temperatures once again.

As I mentioned before this is a very common pattern. One that will repeat itself many times in the coming months.