Weatherman's Whimsy: A Changeable Season

Altocumulus Clouds

Fall and Spring tend to be the "seasons of change." For example, we go through a summer with absolutely no 90s during the Ohio State Fair.

How's this for weird? All summer long we had just three 90-degree days. Two in July and just 1 in August.

Oddly, the other 11 days of 90 or higher occurred in June, BEFORE the actual Summer Solstice, and the just compete 5-day run (the longest such run of the year) in September, AFTER the Autumnal Equinox. That's Ohio for you.

What's more, except for one day where it was "just" 89-degrees, we would have had 7 in a row. The warmest days of the year were June 12 and 16, when the mercury hit 93-degrees. Who would have taken odds on that?

The next hottest days were Tuesday and Wednesday when it hit 92. Now, all of a sudden, it feels like fall again and the weekend looks sunny and pleasantly cool with lows in the 40s. (Good sleeping weather).

Then, just when you think it's about to cool down for good, we have more warm weather coming next week with several shots at 80-degrees. Just for perspective, the average high and low are 72 and 51.

We do get some lovely clouds this time of year, as various systems pass over the region. And the leaves, despite the recent warm spell, are already starting to turn.

And Ohio is a great state for fall color. You can always get a complete report online through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Fall is perhaps my favorite season. I know we each have our own, but why do the mild days between winter's chill and summer's heat seem all to fleeting? Enjoy it while it lasts.