Schools alter outdoor activities during extreme heat


The heat is on all around central Ohio practice fields. Temperatures hit the 90's Wednesday and humidity is high.

At Olentangy Orange High School football practice, players consider the struggle a badge of honor, not something they have to do, but something they get to do. But pride doesn't replace practicality for the Pioneers.

They have factored in more water breaks on days like these and the stations are spread out around the field for easy access.

Coaches let players work out without shoulder pads and they cut practice short, all in the name of safety.

"You need some days like this to build up their conditioning and their resistance to the humidity, but you have to be careful. As a parent, these are children out here and we want to make sure we protect them," head coach Zebb Schroeder said.

A few of the players, like Brandon Ransom, also have asthma. An inhaler is just part of his equipment.

"It'll just help me be more relaxed before practice, helps me breathe," Ransom said.

Dr. Mysheika Roberts of Columbus Public Health says those with respiratory issues have to be extra careful in air quality like this.

"Being prepared, being proactive, thinking about the inhaler in advance and making sure that it's available and he can get to it quickly," Dr. Roberts said.

Giving one hundred percent may mean something different for those who work and workout on days like this.

"Even though you might not finish to the line as fast as you want to, you're still giving your all," Ransom said.