Flippable.org targets political races and causes


The aftermath of the November election brought an epiphany to a group of Hillary Clinton supporters who came from out of state to campaign for her in Ohio.

"It was an utter shock we were completely taken back what we had seen in Ohio was so different from the results that were coming in," says Catherine Vaughan creator of Flippable.org.

The group says the election taught them that in order to make a change in the political landscape they need to be more focused. So Vaughan brought in several experts in statistics and analytics to help them best target races they could flip.

" In 2017 there are three states that have state legislature elections and we can flip seats there and we can make a difference to slowly incrementally and successfully win back seats for Democrats," she says.

Since the launch of the website on November 17, Vaughan says 15,000 people have signed up.

She says the strategy is two-fold: Keep people upset with the outcome engaged, and get them to donate to campaigns nationwide where Democrats have the best shot at winning.

"If we have a million users and we get 10 percent to donate $10 to a dozen candidates that really increases the budget and it helps us drive turnout in those key districts," she says.

The group is already working to flip the vote in Ohio. It sent out action letters to it members nationwide to convince Ohio Governor John Kasich to veto the heartbeat bill.

Flippable.org is currently looking for office space in Columbus. It has a staff of eight people.