Dog friendly Metro Parks in Central Ohio


Our Metro Parks are a great place for you to enjoy nature and get exercise.

But they're also the perfect playground for your four legged friend.

Running free and splashing around, dog owners know that's every pups dream.

“She loves it, she loves being free. She loves wading in that pond,” Tyler Mason said about his dog Stella.

“He's like a wild Indian over at the pond,” Philip Riner describes how his dog Taser enjoys the park.

For Taser, it's a daily routine. Philip Riner takes him to the enclosed dog park at Walnut Woods Metro Park every day.

“If you have a big dog like I do he needs exercise. It's absolutely necessary. Otherwise, he'll go bonkers,” Riner said.

Anthony Meyer and Tyler Mason bring their dog Stella to this park to get her off of a leash. She's a city dog, so for her this is a special day.

“There are so many dog owners especially in Columbus where there aren't parks like this. HAving something like this is great. They're safe and have a good time,” Mason said.

Metro Parks director Tim Moloney said having a place for pets to play is an important part of getting people out in nature.

“What we learned is that we build parks with dog features in mind. We have areas for the entire park dedicated to dogs. You have areas like Rocky Fork with an off leash area and enclosed areas as well” Moloney said.

They’re places where your four legged friends come first.

“I might not know their name, but I know their dogs name,” Riner said.

“We love to see her happy and she gets warn and sleep the rest of the day. It works out for both of us,” Mason said.

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