Fort Rapids Water Park up for auction following closure

File photo of Fort Rapids Water Park (WBNS-TV)

The Fort Rapids Water Park may have a chance at a new life as the shutdown attraction is now up for auction.

The resort closed back in February after a host of problems including health and safety issues.

The restaurant was cited for numerous violations, the air quality in the water area was deemed unsafe and bedbugs in the hotel.

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The park is just down the road from the struggling Eastland Mall and surrounding businesses.

Fort Rapids started as just a hotel and that may be where it’s headed again.

“We’re going to broadly market the asset,” CBRE Hotels Senior Vice President Eric Belfrage said. “It doesn’t have to be a waterpark.”

Belfrage said he knows a buyer would have a lot of work to do to reopen a water park at the site.

The current owners did fix some electrical issues. Now the property will go up for auction with a starting price of $3,000,000.

Belfrage said they will receive bid through October 14. The auction is sealed bid, meaning potential buyers submit the bids and then the seller will look at the offers and decide.
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