Dublin to open Riverside Drive roundabout Friday


For a year, drivers have had to bypass the intersection of SR 161 and Riverside Drive. This weekend, it finally opens back up.

“You’ll be driving on the new Riverside Drive as opposed to the bypass lanes,” Bridge Street District Program Manager Mandy Bishop said.

It may be a little daunting to approach, but the roundabout means a constant flow of traffic and the ability to turn in every direction.

“Traffic was really constrained before, there were no left turns at riverside and they were using the old Dale Drive,” Bishop said.

That means being able to get from Sawmill to Historic Downtown Dublin. And the ability to access the northeast corner of the intersection, which is booming with construction.

The first phase of office space and apartments will open in the next 90 days with restaurants and a fitness club coming by the end of the year.

“Getting the movement of traffic through here was very important and very critical,” Developer Brent Crawford of Crawford/Hoying said.

Another thoroughfare through the development is opening with the roundabout and two more connectors are coming.

“Our hope is within three years, in total, we’ll be completely finished with the development,” Crawford said.

While the construction has felt like a long and painful road, it’s actually moving at a faster speed than most projects.

“As a civil engineer, I see projects open in decades. This time, I get to see one open in a year and half,” Bishop said.

The roundabout is set to open Friday night but it's weather dependent. If it is rainy, the opening will be held off until Monday.

For more information about the roundabout, including a lane-by-lane breakdown, visit the City of Dublin's website.