10TV stands alongside you and other hardworking central Ohio families fighting for a more secure future. Your voice has never been more impactful and with the 2016 election nearing, now is the time to speak up.

10TV brings you the #HeartlandProject - a year-long look at life in America’s heartland through the lens of its citizens as they prepare to vote in 2016.

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Every month leading up to the Presidential election we encourage you to submit the moments you capture that answers these tough questions – culminating in November with the crucial answer to “What is Your Vote?”

January: Security & SafetyJune: Addiction
February: EducationJuly: Pride
March: Your HealthAugust: Ambition
April: VeteransSeptember: Community
May: HeroesOctober: Your Vote

  • What does ambition look like in our city?
  • What is pride? Who are our heroes?
  • What does security and safety mean to Columbus?