This 10 Investigates series uncovers how a doctor’s actions and lack of oversight inside a hospital system are alleged to have contributed to the deaths of 35 patients.

Through a series of reports, we’ll reveal how we broke the story of the patient overdose scandal inside Mount Carmel Health System, detail the records we obtained, show how Dr. William Husel's patients received large doses of pain medication and uncover the missteps inside the hospital that are linked to the tragedy.

PART 1: How did we get here?

10 Investigates reveals how it broke the story of the patient overdose scandal at Mount Carmel.

PART 2: How did this happen?

A doctor is fired for giving excessive doses of pain medications, a hospital apologizes for its lax internal structures and families re-live the pain

PART 3: The blame game

Through extensive sourcing and gum-shoe reporting 10 Investigates reveals why some say the hospital erred with its hiring and oversight of Dr. William Husel.

PART 4: End of the beginning

A murder trial is expected for Dr. William Husel; the hospital avoids direct questions and families begin to receive settlements. But a large question remains unanswered. Why did this happen?

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