Zanesville man admits to killing grandmother


ZANESVILLE, Ohio — A man accused of killing his grandmother pleaded guilty to aggravated murder on Wednesday, according to the Zanesville Times Recorder.

The newspaper reports 26-year-old John Jenkins admitted he killed 64-year-old Elizabeth Alvarez during an argument about his drinking.

Jenkins told investigators he pushed Alvarez down the stairs, leaving her with serious injuries.

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Assistant District Attorney John Litle said Jenkins then stood on her throat “until he had suffocated the life out of her”, according to the newspaper’s report.

Jenkins and his girlfriend, Rachel Sipple, lived with Alvarez.

The couple drove to southern Franklin County where they got rid of her body.

Jenkins and Sipple were then arrested after they allegedly robbed a convenience store in Columbus.

Jenkins led investigators to his grandmother’s body on May 30.

Sipple has pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence, two counts of obstructing justice and abuse of a corpse, according to the newspaper.

A sentencing date for the pair has not been set.