Your resolution to get fit in the new year could be making you a prime target for thieves


Columbus Police say gym bags are one of the most common items they’re seeing stolen out of cars right now.

More people are heading to the gyms and recreation centers to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions, but police say many people forget to take their gym bags out of their cars.

“We could eradicate theft from motor vehicles if everyone participated in that program and didn’t leave things in their vehicles,” says Officer Scott Clinger with the Columbus Division of Police.

“And lock their doors and put their security systems on,” he adds.

CrimeTracker 10 found a recent police analysis from the north side of Columbus. It shows gym bags, phone chargers, loose change, backpacks, CD’s, and tools are the most common items getting stolen right now out of vehicles.

Patrol officers say thieves know people will usually place their valuables – such as wallets, jewelry and watches – inside gym bags. The unfortunate part is, people forget to take their gym bag with them sometimes or put the bag in the trunk with their valuables inside.

“Cars nowadays have a lever to open the trunk from inside the vehicle,” says Officer Clinger. “So keep that in mind, you’re giving access to your trunk. Your car doesn’t have to be on.”

A quick survey using CrimeTracker 10’s interactive map shows thefts from cars near popular gyms are becoming a problem.

Less than a month ago, a car parked at the Lifetime Fitness in Dublin was targeted by a thief. Same story near the LA Fitness on Graceland Blvd. in north Columbus. The parking lot outside Lifetime Fitness at Easton reported several thefts from autos in the past month.

“The time it takes to smash a window and pop a trunk? We’re talking seconds, literally seconds,” says Clinger.

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