You don’t have to be a professional athlete to train like one


If your workouts center around yoga, biking, or running and you're still not getting the results you want, consider lifting weights.

A lot of women shy away from it, primarily because they've heard it makes you bulky. But, that's just not true.

And there's a place here in Columbus where you can attain a different kind of workout experience.

11athletics is a one-of-a-kind athletic performance facility where you might find yourself working out next to someone on an NFL or NBA roster.

But here, men and women are also discovering that you don't have to be a professional athlete to train like one.

Jeannie Zox said, "I just came here expecting to work-out and it actually became so much more to me. I love the people here. I love the comradery."

In addition to the comradery, it's about doing what’s most beneficial for your body.

"Most beneficial is weights," said 11athletics co-owner and trainer, Todd Johnson. "Weight training is going to help your metabolism. You're going to increase your strength and you're going to increase your lean muscle. So, in turn, you're going to be burning more fat over time by having that extra muscle."

Johnson has been in the fitness industry for more than a decade. He says educating yourself on the right type of exercise is key.

"The best type of fitness is functional fitness," Johnson explained. "It's fitness where you're using your full body through full ranges of motion and utilizing weights, running, doing those types of things."

"Was it intimidating? At first," Zox said. "But now it's not intimidating at all anymore. I didn't know how heavy I could go actually."

Zox isn't new to fitness. From yoga to cycling, she's been active most of her life. But this, she says, is different.

"I enjoy the intense workouts. I especially enjoy how I feel afterward," Zox said.

Like a lot of women, Zox was never really into weights. She was afraid of bulking up like a competitive bodybuilder. Turns out, that's a common misconception.

"And actually, I just feel like I'm more trim," Zox explained. "I think a lot of people think yoga make you more trim and long and lean, and I actually feel like I look the same as I did from yoga."

And seeing is believing. Zox says she looks and feels better now that she's added weight training to her workout.

So ladies, don't be afraid to train like a professional athlete. Weight training can help you achieve a stronger, healthier body and you may reach your fitness goals faster than with cardio alone. Go ahead...pick up some weights, and get the best return on your sweat equity.