YMCA program fights childhood obesity by helping families get healthy together


Like many people, Angelia Craddolph White and her husband Jason both struggled with their weight for years.

At his heaviest, Jason weighed in at 323 pounds. Angelia’s highest number on the scale was 353 pounds.

“I had ankle pain, a lot of foot pain, lower back pain, I was pre-diabetic and I knew that I had to do something because my weight just kept going up,” Angelia said. “I knew that there were things I needed to do to get my health in order.”

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That’s when she learned about a program at the Hilliard/Ray Patch Family YMCA.

The “Healthy Weight and Your Child” program is designed with the whole family in mind, engaging family members in education, healthy eating and physical activity to give them the tools they need to live a healthier lifestyle long-term.

“I came into this thinking that exercise was those big, bulked out, crazy looking people that were sweaty and I thought, I can’t do that stuff.

But, as a group, as a family, we did activities here that were fun,” Angelia said.

Even her daughter got into the healthy lifestyle. Twelve-year-old Ani has swapped her favorite fried foods for fresh fruits and veggies and she really likes it.

She says she feels better, has more energy and enjoys being active. Ani says kids can learn a lot from this program.

“They’ll learn stuff that they probably didn’t know,” Ani said. “I came in this class and they started to talk about carbohydrates and protein and grams of sugar and I was like, what do these strange words mean?”

For more information about the “Healthy Weight and Your Child” program at the Hilliard YMCA, click here.