This year's Cadbury Bunny: a 2-legged Ohio dog named Lieutenant Dan

Lieutenant Dan

"No bunny knows Easter better than Cadbury." And a two-legged dog from New Richmond, Ohio is now the 2020 face for the company.

After becoming a social media sensation across the country, a dog from Ohio known as Lieutenant Dan has officially been crowned as the new Cadbury Bunny.

The New Richmond coonhound is named after the character in "Forrest Gump" who lost his legs in combat. His owner says "Lieutenant Dan" was born a little different but still lives life to the fullest.

None of this year's finalist for the Cadbury campaign were actual rabbits. Besides, Lt. Dan there was a mini-horse, a pig, a llama, a hamster, a duck and two cats.

The popular Easter candy brand started the promotion 30 years ago with a commercial about a clucking bunny.

Once his pictures were posted on social media, Lieutenant Dan quickly became a fan-favorite in the Easter candy contest.

Lieutenant Dan gets $5,000 and will star in his own Cadbury commercial.

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