Y Club: Helping kids exercise their body and mind


The YMCA is helping working parents by providing a safe place for their kids to go before and after school. But this isn’t your typical program.

At the Y Club, not only will your child get regular physical activity, they’ll also get homework help and many other tools to help them succeed in school and in life.

“We have a music center, we have science centers, we have games,” YMCA Childcare Director David Donahue said. “We want to make sure all kids have activities when they first walk in and activities that connect to them.”

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That’s exactly what Amie Marker says her daughter found at Y Club.

“The hugs goodbyes don’t happen anymore, she’s ready to go, she’s ready to play with the kids. When she comes after school, it’s the same thing. They run around and do all kinds of fun things too,” said Marker.

At the Y Club, staffers focus on physical fitness, literacy and learning, social and emotional skills, even character development.

“My daughter can learn from the other kids, character traits things like that, how to be selfless and how to do the things that make her a better person,” Marker added.

Getting kids active at the start of the day gets their brains active and gets their hearts pumping. By the time school starts, they are ready to learn.

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