Worthington Survey Shows 50 Percent Of Students Do Not Feel Respected


Worthington City Schools recently asked students, teachers, parents and administrators a few things about their schools' culture and climate.

Two of the top issues included in the survey were drug use and bullying.

In the survey, the district found that 50 percent of high-schoolers felt that students did not treat one another with respect.

Administrators said that the response means that they need to get more hands-on.

"The administration has to engage the staff," said Jeff Maddox with the district. "The staff has to engage the students. We have to engage the parents in our community, and we have to be very out front and talk about, very specifically, what our culture expectation is when we step inside of every one of our buildings."

Worthington schools already has a proactive bullying program, called One Leg At A Time.

Along with bullying, the survey also found drugs are an area of concern in the district.

More than half of the high-school student body and 80 percent of teachers said that there was a drug problem.

"We talk about a message. We talk about a feel. It puts the teachers and the students and the parents and the administrators, all having that same conversation," Maddox said.

Survey results were being shared with principals as the new school year begins.

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