World War II Veteran Victim Of “Slamming” Scam


A 91-year-old World War II veteran says he was a victim of “slamming.”

Raymond Tallman served as a combat medic in the 114th Infantry in France in 1944. He’s lived in Columbus since 1978. Last week, he said he got a bad deal.

“It was bad business all the way through,” Tallman said.

He said a company that specializes in security systems stopped by his house and tried to sell him a better deal than his current provider, Sterling Protective Services, by knocking $15 off his bill.

“’Sounds pretty good’,” Tallman said. “I said, ‘OK, tell me about it’.”

Tallman said he signed a deal by the end of the visit. The next day, the company installed a new system. The problem was that the veteran and his wife didn’t know how to work it.

“My wife turned the windows down and ‘Woo, woo, woo’ and the alarm goes off,” he said.

He called the company based in Washington and demanded to cancel its services.

“I know the product they’re selling is good equipment,” Ron Front said. “The way they’re doing it is reprehensible. They’re not selling it, they’re deceiving. In this case, they deceived these folks.”

Front is with Sterling Protective Services and he calls this sales approach “slamming.” He says this is where companies lie to get what they want.

He said the company that approached Tallman told him they were affiliated with Sterling Protective Services and had information that Sterling was having problems retaining customers.

Front said these claims were not true. And, he believes these claims had Tallman duped.

“They had him all confused and very upset,” Front said. “It took us about 24 hours, but we got him settled down.”

Front added when the company installed the new system, they destroyed the system that was in place. Sterling Protective Services crews went out and re-installed everything for Tallman, free of charge.

According to the Attorney General’s Office website, Ohio has state laws called "Cancelation Rights of Consumers.” In the “Door-to-door sales” section, it states you have three days to cancel sales that were made inside your home or outside the seller’s regular place of business. If you do this, within three days, you should never be charged.

For information on state laws that can help you understand your rights when buying products, check out the Ohio Attorney General’s website on Cancelation Rights of Customers.