Words of hate: Which one would you eliminate?


The disturbing images from Charlottesville are something many of us will never forget.

The question many of you may be asking yourselves: How can you combat hate?

"Part of the problem the state of Ohio is that we don't have enough counselors we don't have enough mental health support," Dr. Colette Dollarhide, President and Co-Founder of Ohio Counselors for Social Justice and an Associate Professor in the College of Education at Ohio State University, said.

Dr. Dollarhide said hate is often times a symptom of something else.

"Underneath anger is fear and pain and I think understanding where fear and pain entering is their lives is the key," she said.

We asked her how can parents and teachers combat hate speech.

"I think a lot of it is teaching children when they are very young about tolerance beyond tolerance celebrating differences and that's an area our schools are frequently uncomfortable touching on," she said.