"Women Who Explore" Get Out and Enjoy Our Metro Parks

Women Who Explore: Columbus

Getting outside for fresh air can be good for you. One group of women is taking it to another level, enjoying nature while learning something new.

And most of them don't even know each other.

For Kelli Denz who grew up exploring nature in rural Wisconsin, hiking at High Banks Metro Park is a real treat.

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"It's beautiful. Every time I've come to High Banks I've seen something new," Denz says, while leading a group of women on a hike.

Kelli is the Columbus ambassador for Women Who Explore, a group that encourages women to experience nature together.

"If you want to get outside whether it's fly fishing, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, you name it, let's do it," she says.

Every month the ladies meet up to do something different.

Quincy Alexander says you never know what that adventure can bring.

"It's fun, and it's hilarious. We find little creatures and the first time we saw little frogs and we were trying to hop over them. It's good conversation and getting to know one another." she explains.

Kelli says what makes this group so great is that women from all walks of life and all ages are welcome to join.

"Some of these girls have never met each other before. We all get along, we all talk there's just no issues and I love it," Kelli says.

"There's something so peaceful, you get to really get to connect with one another when you're out in nature. You're not influenced by anything, it's just raw," says Alexander, "Get out of your comfort zone and try something new! It's fun!"

Later this year Kelli says she wants to plan to take the group rock climbing.

To learn more about Women Who Explore, click here.

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