Woman tracks down, holds home invasion suspects at gun point


An armed woman who stumbled upon a home invasion single handedly caught two of four suspects, while a great-grandfather helped find the others.

According to the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office, a 911 call was placed about a home invasion last Friday on County Road 23.  While officers were on their way, the armed suspects fled the home.

As they were leaving, a family member who has a concealed carry license was pulling into the driveway of the home and immediately chased after the suspects.  Within minutes, she was able to hold two of the men at gun point and even marched them back to the home and turned them over to officers.

Meanwhile, a great-grandfather, who was also visiting the home, saw the two remaining suspects flee in a pickup truck.  He flagged down a deputy who quickly tracked them down.

The suspects: Zachary Donley, 19; Darren Dreher, 19; Jonathan Lahna, 20; and Blake Lee, 19, were all charged with aggravated burglary.