Woman slices finger on razor blade found in Walmart shopping cart handle


A Connecticut woman was injured after cutting her finger on a shopping cart at a Walmart store.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said there was a razor blade hidden underneath the handle.

“I turned my cart around to go down an aisle and then I caught something on the underside of the handle,” she said. “I didn’t know until later that it was actually a blade.”

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The woman immediately reported the incident to police who are now investigating.

"The officers responded and they were able to identify and find a razor blade that was in the handle of a shopping cart,” Det. Sgt. Matthew Carl with East Windsor Police said.

The officers and staff checked the other shopping carts and found no others with razor blades.

Police said they do not know if it was intentionally stuck in the handle, but they said it is hard to believe otherwise.

"This day and age with people that do different types of things, and unfortunately this is one of those things that somebody could maliciously just for the only intent of harming love a person,” Det. Sgt. Carl said.

Police are reviewing surveillance video from the store to try to figure out how it happened.