Woman Raped In Columbus State Bathroom Forgives Attacker


A woman who was raped inside a bathroom at Columbus State Community College said on Monday that seeing her attacker being taken away in handcuffs was the ultimate closure.

Her attacker, Taj Wedderburn, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the crime that occurred nearly one year ago, 10TV's Ashleigh Barry reported.

"I saw him in the mirror of the bathroom and realized that somebody had a hold of my neck because (he) cut my air off so quickly," said the woman who requested anonymity.

The woman said that her attacker dragged her into a stall and was so determined when he forced himself on her.  She thought it would be the last day she would see the faces of her four children.

"He grabbed his pocket, like I thought he was going for something and I just said, 'OK.  Please don't hurt me.  Don't kill me. I have kids. Please,'" the woman said.  "That's all I could think of was my kids and that I was murdered on campus."

Wedderburn was arrested less than 24 hours after the attack.  He admitted to the rape and pleaded guilty in court, Barry reported.

The woman said that despite the nightmares, flashbacks and even near separation from her husband that she forgives the man whom she said changed her life and sense of security forever.

"I know that God wouldn't forgive me if I didn't forgive him," the woman said.  "It was hard to do. It's not me doing it it's the God in me doing it."

Police encourage students, especially those new to campuses, to take a self-defense class.

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