Woman infected with flesh-eating bacteria at Virginia beach

(WTKR, Amanda Edwards)

WTKR - A woman in Virginia is recovering from a flesh-eating bacteria after going for a quick swim at a beach in Norfolk.

"It spread really quickly. The way that it was spreading. It was going up my leg," Amanda Edwards said.

Edwards said she was infected during a day of fun at Norfolk’s Ocean View Beach last week.

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"I was like `it`s really hot. Let`s go outside.’ So, we went outside to the beach. I was only in the water for maybe like 10 minutes,” she said.

The next said, she said she didn’t feel good.

“I noticed this thing that came on my leg. And I was just -- I ignored it for a couple days and it just started getting bigger and bigger and bigger to the point where I couldn`t walk anymore,” Edwards said.

She said doctors treated the infection and the bacteria possibly got into her skin through a cut.

She was at the beach around the time there was a swimming advisory.

"Please check the news and make sure there is not like, an advisory out because there was not signs out there,” Edwards said.

The Norfolk Health Department said the germs can get into the water in different ways like washing off of swimmers bodies or when people relieve themselves in the water.

They said to avoid swallowing water and taking a dip after heavy rainfall.

Officials said to avoid the water if you have an open wound or if you’re sick and once you get out of the water you should shower with soap as soon as possible.