Woman Charged With Stealing From Fountain Receives Outpouring Of Support


A woman charged with stealing less than $3 from a fountain in Logan County is receiving an outpouring of support.

Deirdre Romine says she took loose change from the fountain in front of the Logan County Courthouse because she needed money to feed herself and her four cats.

Romine now faces trial over the $2.87 she swiped from the fountain.

After 10TV’s Shelby Croft first reported the story, more than $10,000 in donations came in for Romine.

She calls it a “fresh new start,” adding that she has a new wardrobe and new furniture.

Romine, who is helped by the Board for the Developmentally Disabled and had trouble keeping a job, now also has a new job.

“Everyone deserves a second chance and we try and do what we can for the community here, said Doug Creek.

Creek and his sister run Club 151.  They offered Romine a job sweeping floors and cleaning up.  She gladly accepted.

Attorney Zach Swisher has agreed to handle Romine’s case pro bono.

Romine said she thought loose change thrown in a public fountain was public property.  Swisher believes there might be something to that.

Romine is losing her apartment so part of the donated money will be used to buy her a trailer.  The rest will likely be put in a trust with someone monitoring how she uses it.