Woman believes she bought urn filled with ashes at thrift store


PLYMOUTH, Mass. -- A Massachusetts woman is looking for the owner of what she believes is an urn filled with ashes. Two weeks ago, Priscilla Bailey bought the blue-and-silver heart-shaped decoration at a thrift store in Plymouth for $2.99, CBS Boston station WBZ-TV reports.

"Right now it's hanging up there," said Bailey. "When I do my dishes, I sometimes stare at it."

On Thursday morning, Bailey decided to take a closer look at the heart and believes it has ashes inside. She enlisted her daughter's help putting it on social media to try and find its rightful owner.

"It's beautiful," said Kat Bartlett. "It must have a story, so that's my goal is to find out that we've figured out where this and who it belongs to."

A spokesperson for the Savers thrift store said the majority of the items sold at their Plymouth store are from donations in town or from the surrounding communities.

"It'll be fun seeing what happens," said Bailey, "and hopefully someone comes forward and say, yes that was my grandmother's or my grandfather's."

Until then, it's back above the sink.

"There it sits," said Bailey, "my spooky little friend."