Woman Behind Columbus Ebola Hoax Faces $2,800 Bill

911 Call Released After Woman Calls To Claim Relative Has Ebola
Woman Behind Columbus Ebola Hoax Faces $2,800 Bill

A woman who phoned-in a fake Ebola case now faces a bill from the city.

Mayor Michael Coleman said the city will bill the woman $2,800 in expenses, after emergency crews were sent on a wild goose chase.

Paramedics in hazmat suits surrounded a South Side home last Friday after a woman told a fire dispatcher that her sister might have Ebola.

The 911 call that set off a massive city response began with this concern:

Caller: I'm scared I think my sister has Ebola her fever is 107.
Throughout the call, the dispatcher repeatedly asked the woman whether her sister had traveled to Africa.
Dispatcher:  Was the person over in Africa recently in the last 21 days ?
Caller:  Yes, she was.
Dispatcher: How long ago was she over in Africa?
Caller: Um, last month.
Dispatcher: You did say she was over in Africa, in west, east, west Africa like a month ago or so? 
Caller: Yes sir.

The city says it is also looking to see if any legal charges could be filed against the woman.

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